My name is Stéphane Potvin. I was born and raised in the small town of Deschaillons near the city of Québec. I received my early music training in piano from the age of seven. Throughout high school I became interested in music leadership and more specifically choral and orchestral conducting. That desire brought me to Nicolet where I studied with the highly talented and dedicated soeurs de l’assomption. I then went on to McGill University to study in piano performance and choral conducting with a view of obtaining a master’s degree in orchestral conducting (a new program at McGill). I eventually received a master’s degree in choral conducting from the University of Illinois under the tutelage of Fred Stoltzfus. I am very privileged to have further studied conducting with Frieder Bernius, Otto Werner Mueller, and Gustav Meier to name a few.

During my time at McGill I studied voice privately with Louise Yard who introduced me to the Bel Canto technique. At first I thought this was a very strange way of learning to sing as almost all of it went against everything I had learned before and from different conductors. Only after about a year of lessons did I truly begin to understand and appreciate the benefits of the technique.

For many years I focused on my conducting career, but witnessing so much bad training in many vocal studios and in choral settings I have decided it was time to share my knowledge of healthy and efficient voice training. I opened my private studio a few years ago and have been offering workshops and groups classes in southern Ontario.

Along with this website, I will be offering summer vocal training sessions for professionals and emerging singers, and continue to train conductors to help them guide their singers to sing in a healthy way.